The Rise of Molecular Engineering and Science

November 30, 2013

Imagine giving doctors the tools to pinpoint the exact location of disease molecules inside your cells. Imagine curing disease by sending safe biologic agents on a direct attack against these targets. Imagine capturing solar energy within the panes of window glass and using it to generate the power to meet the needs of the building’s occupants. The power to do so is coming through the work of University of Washington molecular engineers and scientists. This fall the university opens a new building on campus dedicated to this emerging field. In this documentary, you’ll see how the building will bring together a collection of people – world class talent in energy delivery and medicine – to work together to address some of today’s biggest challenges.

Dean Matt O’Donnell
Pat Stayton, Institute Director
Christine Luscombe
David Ginger
Hugh Hillhouse
Daniel Gamelin
David Baker
Suzie Pun
Francois Baneyx
Steve Pool