Race, Empire, and Post-Emancipation Struggles for Freedom

November 19, 2013

Race has remained a dominant force in shaping American culture and politics since the Civil War. Even as the United States abolished slavery, race continued to define access to citizenship rights and to fuel and justify campaigns across North America and around the world. What have been the lmitations and contradictions of emancipation in the decades following the ratification of the thirteenth amendment? And how have different peoples and movements struggled for freedom and democracy after emancipation?
Moon-Ho Jung is the Walker Family Endowed Professor of History at the University of Washington and the author of “Coolies and Cane” Race, Labor, and Sugar in the Age of Emancipation (2006), winner of the Merle Curti Award from the organization of American Historians for the best book in U.S. intellectual and social history. His teaching and research focus on race, politics, and Asian American history.