UW 360 Season 6: Episode 5

June 1, 2016

UW 360, hosted by Carolyn Douglas, is a magazine show that features stories about the University of Washington.

In this episode:
– Saving the life of a friend – the heartwarming story of the first adult-to-adult “live” liver transplant surgery in the Northwest at UW Medicine
– The ongoing search for the missing children of El Salvador and the UW program that is helping reunite families
– How the UW is working to make clean and renewable solar energy more affordable
– DO-IT, the long-standing program that helps UW students with disabilities

David Ginger, professor, Department of Chemistry, adjunct professor, Department of Physics, UW
James Clark, graduate student, UW
William Hwang, graduate student, UW
Kailyn McIrvin, liver transplant recipient
Jaime Cuzick, liver donor
Martin I. Montenovo, MD, assistant professor of surgery, UW Medical Center
Sheryl Burgstahler, founder and director, DO-IT, UW
Angelina Godoy, professor, Law, Societies and Justice, Jackson School of International Studies, director, Center for Human Rights, UW