Season 5: Episode 6

March 19, 2015

UW 360 hosted by Carolyn Douglas is a magazine show that features stories about the University of Washington.

In this episode:
– We look back at the official fight song of the UW, “Bow Down to Washington,” and its place in Husky athletics culture
– We introduce our viewers to the new UW women’s tennis coach Robin Stephenson
– See what UW students and researchers are doing to develop a cure for celiac disease and gluten intolerance
– Experience a “big one,” from the safety of an earthquake simulator
– Re-connect with former women’s basketball player and new Seattle Fire Department paramedic, Michelle Perkins

Info from the show:
Bow Down to Washington lyrics
Bow Down To Washington, Bow Down To Washington
Mighty are the Men Who Wear the Purple and the Gold,
Joyfully we Welcome Them Within the Victors Fold.
We will carve their names In the Hall of Fame To Preserve the Memory of Our Devotion.
(Chorus) Heaven Help the Foes of Washington
They’re Trembling at the Feet Of Mighty Washington,
The Boys Are There With Bells,
Their Fighting Blood Excels, It’s Harder to Push Them Over the Line Than Pass the Dardanelles.
Victory the Cry of Washington
Leather Lungs Together With a Rah! Rah! Rah!
And O’er the Land Our Loyal Band Will Sing the Glory Of Washington Forever

Brad McDavid, director of athletic bands, UW
Megan Drews, trombone player, UW
Richard Perry, alumnus, UW
Elise Woodward, sideline reporter, color analyst and alumnus, UW
Megan Kufeld goalie, UW
Robin Stephenson, tennis coach, UW
Ingrid Swanson Pultz, biochemistry translational investigator, UW
Steve Charvat, emergency management director, UW
Michelle Perkins, paramedic, Seattle Fire Department
Joshua Pearson, lieutenant and medical services officer, Seattle Fire Department