UW|360 March 2014

March 20, 2014

Story 1. Cochlear Implants. Research at the University of Washington enables people that have lost their hearing, to hear music and sound again.
Story 2. “School of Social Work Professor Gunnar Almgren and UW student Renee Jones working on her BASW. Gunnar was her policy course instructor and describes her as “a wonderfully engaging person–a struggling and amazingly resilient young mother.” Renee went from being in a shelter to becoming an activist and studying social work at the UW.
Story 3. The boys of summer at the UW get a new State of the Art baseball stadium.
Story 4. Here’s a story about a writing group that formed a decade ago in one of the UW’s writing certificate programs and still meets to this day. They all have regular day jobs and families and such, but the writing group helps them carve out time to write. And it all started here at the UW.
Story 5. “Initiative draws faculty, students into collaborative health care. The UW schools of health sciences have formed a new initiative to teach and deliver health care across disciplines, a team-based approach that is gaining recognition nationally and is expected to make health care more efficient and effective”