UW 360 Season 6: Episode 7

August 1, 2016

UW 360, hosted by Carolyn Douglas, is a magazine show that features stories about the University of Washington.

In this best of episode:
– VIP the gorilla from the Woodland Park Zoo had life saving surgery in 2015. Find out how this beloved primate is doing today.
– LED light bulb technology has come a long way but now UW professors are working to make it more cost effective and even “greener.”
– An update on how the UW and Peace Corps have worked together since the program’s creation.
– “Rail to Trail” highlights the project to turn old railroad tracks into walking paths in Tacoma
– Updating the efforts of the champion UW boxing club

Greg Davis, director, Rhinology & Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery, UW Medicine
Darin Collins, director of animal health, Woodland Park Zoo
Ryan Southard, program manger & senior planner, Seattle City Light
Chang-Ching Tu, co-founder & CEO, LumiSands
Ji Hoo, co-founder, LumiSands
Carrie Hessler-Radelet, acting director, Peace Corps
Phil Hayes, graduate student, Evans School, UW Peace Corps representative
Michael Sullivan, Northwest history lecturer, UW Tacoma
Stephanie Stebich, director, Tacoma Art Museum
Christopher Mendez, head coach, UW boxing Club