UW 360 Season 7: Episode 5

July 6, 2017

UW 360, hosted by Carolyn Douglas, is an Emmy-award winning news magazine show that features stories about the University of Washington.

In this episode:
– The mystery and intrigue surrounding a Kane Hall mural and how a Northwest labor union helped get it on the walls at the University of Washington
– Exploring the intersection of art and technology at the UW’s Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media (DXARTS)
– A recent voice conference at the UW brings together doctors, therapists, voice coaches and performers
– Meet the new leaders of Husky hoops – both the men’s and women’s new head coaches
– Check out Khalif El-Salaam, the “ultimate” new star on the UW frisbee field

Gigi Peterson, associate professor, History, SUNY Cortland
Erasmo Gamboa, associate professor, American Ethnic Studies, adjunct professor, History, UW
Richard Karpen, director, School of Music, DXARTS Cofounder, UW
Juan Pampin, associate professor, Music Composition, DXARTS Cofounder, UW
Albert Merati, MD, professor and chief, Department of Otolaryngology, UW
Marty Nevdahl, senior lecturer, Speech & Hearing Sciences, UW
Kari Ragan, artist in residence, School of Music, UW
Sandy Hirsch, speech language pathologist, Give Voice
Mike Hopkins, head coach, Men’s Basketball, UW
Jody Wynn, head coach, Women’s Basketball, UW
Khalif “Leaf” El-Salaam, senior, UW, captain, UW Sundodgers & Seattle Cascades Ultimate Frisbee Teams
Alex Wells, ultimate frisbee coach, Sundodgers, UW
Steven “Benny” Benaloh, junior, UW, player, UW Sundodgers
Noah Kregenow, freshman, UW, player, UW Sundodgers