UW 360 Season 6: Episode 10

November 1, 2016

UW 360, hosted by Carolyn Douglas, is a magazine show that features stories about the University of Washington.

In this episode:
– Meet UW alumni who enjoy giving back and staying connected to campus and students long after graduation
– We’re talking trash – and recycling and composting – in this story about the study and research of “garbology”
– From childhood dream to dream job – meet Jennifer Cohen, UW’s new athletic director
– Denny Hall, UW’s “grand dame” of buildings, has been recently upgraded and restored in the spirit of the original
– Go inside the UW Women’s Soccer team that has built success through a family atmosphere

David Gandara, alumnus, UW
Fabiola Jimenez, alumnus, UW
Ken Howe, head fleet captain, Washington Yacht Club
Mycole Brown, alumnus, UW
Martha Tran, alumnus, UW, senior program manager and communications specialist, First Year Programs, UW

Jack Johnson, program ops spec, Burke Museum and director, UW Garbology Project, UW
Kristine Matthews, associate professor, School of Art and design advisor, UW Garbology Project, UW
Karen Cheng, professor, School of Art and visual communication and design, UW Garbology Project, UW
William Zhou, founder, EvoEco

Randy Everett, project manager, Capital Planning & Development, UW
Robbie Lund, superintendent, BNBuilders
Stephanie Shradar, architect, Hacker
Grant Hildebrand, professor emeritus, UW

Jennifer Cohen, director of athletics, Intercollegiate Athletics, UW

Kim Taylor, former soccer player, 2001-2005, UW
Nikki Gamble Leith, former soccer player, 2003-2004, UW
Kari Davidson, former soccer player, 2008-2013, UW
Stine Schoening, former soccer player, 2011-2014, UW
Katey Fawcett, former soccer player, 2012-2016, UW
Jacklyn Softli, former soccer player, 2011-2014, UW
Lesle Gallimore, head women’s soccer coach, Intercollegiate Athletics, UW