UW 360 Season 6: Episode 12

January 10, 2017

UW 360, hosted by Carolyn Douglas, is an Emmy-award winning news magazine show that features stories about the University of Washington.

In this episode:
– Imagine walking up to a locked door and opening it just by touching it – for UW researchers, the future of password security is literally in the palm of your hand
– See what’s ahead as the Burke Museum constructs a grand new home
– A look at the UW’s yearlong partnership with the city of Auburn, under the new Livable City Year program
– A profile of the UW women’s rugby club
– The wonderful sounds from the UW symphony and the interesting mix of students in the orchestra

Julie Stein, executive director, Burke Museum
Eldon Tam, project manager, Burke Museum

Vikram Iyer, PhD student, Electrical Engineering, UW
Mehrdad Hessar, PhD student, Electrical Engineering, UW

Sally Clark, director, Regional & Community Relations, External Affairs, UW
Nancy Backus, mayor, city of Auburn
Branden Born, associate professor, Urban Design and Planning, UW
Caroline Beightol, student, UW
Ariel Delos Santos, student, UW

David Rahbee, director of orchestra activities, School of Music, UW
Isabella Kodama, student, UW
Andy Able, student UW
Cordelia Ilton, student, UW
Gina Lee, student, UW

Parisa Asgharzadeh, coach, women’s rugby, UW
Alex Fletcher, student, UW
Brooke Peterson, student, UW
Caity Fisher, student, UW
Brooke Peterson, student, UW
Marilyn Prosser, student, UW