Profiles of Aging With Spinal Cord Injury: Bill's Story

October 28, 2016

About a quarter million people in the United States live with spinal cord injuries, and thousands more are injured every year. As medical advances have allowed people with spinal cord injuries to survive and live into old age, we are learning more about what unique health problems arise as they get older. With funding from the Craig H. Neilsen Foundation, faculty in the UW Department of Rehabilitation Medicine are hoping to improve long term health and wellness in this population by tapping into the expertise of those who sustained their injuries decades ago and are still thriving. Bill Ferris is an administrator in the University of Washington’s IT office. He talks with UW clinical psychologist Jeanne Hoffman about his injury, the ways it shaped his life and career over 30-plus years, and how he stays healthy and independent as he ages with his disability.

Bill Ferris
Jeanne Hoffman, PhD, Professor
SCI Empowerment Project
UW Department of Rehabilitation Medicine