Transfusions & Bone Marrow Rejection

November 20, 2013

“Transfusion induced BMT rejection across mHA barriers: Differential roles of RBC and platelet transfusion”

Traditionally, transfusion immunology has focused almost exclusively on antibody responses to alloantigens on RBCs and platelets. However, polymorphisms that lead to humoral alloantigens can also be presented on MHC I and serve as alloantigens for CD8+ T cells. It has been hypothesized that such crosspresentation can prime T cell responses capable of rejecting subsequent transplants that share the same antigens. This lecture will summarize human data that correlate with this hypothesis and demonstrate in novel and tractable murine models that transfusion does prime subsequent rejection across minor alloantigen barriers. Moreover, the differential immunological effects of transfused RBCs and platelets will be explored and both cellular and molecular mechanisms are investigated.