Inside Outlook: Coal & Oil Exports

March 24, 2015

Up to three times a day trains carrying up to three million gallons of Bakken crude oil from North Dakota travel through the Northwest, quite literally under downtown Seattle and along the Puget Sound en route to oil refineries in Anacortes and Cherry Point. With big potential markets in Asia and a booming coal and oil industry in Wyoming and North Dakota in search of ports to export, the Northwest is poised to experience major growth in fossil fuel industries.

What is the impact of the oil and coal industries on Washington State? In particular, what is the much-touted job creation and economic impact? What safety concerns are being considered with this increase of rail traffic? In expanding our fossil fuel infrastructure, what precedent is set in our role combating climate change into the future?

On this episode of Inside Outlook, host Gavin P. Sullivan moderates a discussion on these questions and more.

Guests include:
Eric de Place, policy director, Sightline Institute
Ross Macfarlane, senior advisor for business partnerships, Climate Solutions
Frank Holmes, NW regional director, Western States Petroleum Association