Building the Future of Commercial Aviation: Boeing's 787 Dreamliner

April 28, 2014

Learn about the cutting-edge materials being used in the Boeing Company’s new 787 Dreamliner that will change both the way that airplanes are built and your future flying experience. The Boeing Company is on top of the commercial aerospace market due to the ambition and innovation of its engineers with the development of the 787. Before you board your first Dreamliner, get the inside story on the making of the plane from Al Miller, University of Washington alumnus ’71, ’77, and director, 787 Technology Integration, The Boeing Company and Mark Tuttle, chair, mechanical engineering, University of Washington. Also hear about the next generation of advanced materials being developed and how they will alter the future of planes, cars, energy, medicine, and beyond.

Al Miller, ’71, ’77, director, 787 Technology Integration, The Boeing Company
Mark Tuttle, chair, Mechanical Engineering, University of Washington