Building the New Tacoma Narrows Bridge

December 5, 2013

The Puget Sound Region is famed for our floating bridges and infamous for Galloping Gertie’s collapse. Now we can boast the nation’s fifth-longest suspension bridge. What did it take to span a mile-wide, fjord-like channel and turn more than 47 million pounds of structural steel, enough cable wire to circle the world twice, and nearly 115,000 cubic yards of concrete into a striking and sturdy new landmark? Steven Hansen, University of Washington alumnus ’69, and senior vice president, Kiewit Corp, joins Joe P. Mahoney, University of Washington professor of civil and environmental engineering, to tell the engineering story, end to end, tower tops to Narrows’ bottom.

Steven Hansen, ’69, senior vice president, Kiewit Corp.
Joe P. Mahoney, professor, civil and environmental engineering, University of Washington