Engineering Solutions for a Seismically Resilient Seattle

November 1, 2016

Compared to California, the Pacific Northwest remains largely unprepared for a major earthquake. Seattle’s seismic hazard is unique, with earthquakes that occur less frequently and faults that are not as well understood. It will take innovation, research and planning to prepare for “the big one.” At the UW, engineers are developing novel solutions to improve the resilience of buildings, bridges and other structures. In this talk by Jeffrey Berman, UW Civil & Environmental Engineering Associate Professor, we’ll learn about our regional earthquake hazards, examine structural engineering technologies that enable faster and stronger post-event repair and understand the risks and requirements involved.

Michael B. Bragg, Frank & Julie Jungers Dean of Engineering, College of Engineering, UW
Jeffrey Berman, Thomas & Marilyn Nielsen Associate Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering, UW