Disrupting the Single Use Disposable Cup Industry

July 16, 2014

Thanks to a team of researchers led by Vipin Kumar, UW associate professor of mechanical engineering and director of the UW Microcellular Consortium, innovative UW start-up MicroGreen Polymers has secured deals with several airlines to provide in-flight hot beverage cups that are environmentally friendly: cups made from plastic that can be recycled repeatedly.

Kumar’s research focuses on microcellular composites, a family of novel cellular materials expected to be used in a variety of applications in the decades to come. He’s developed technology to create lightweight, cost-efficient plastics that are now licensed to MicroGREEN Polymers. MicroGREEN’s goal is to provide the plastics industry and the world with environmentally-sound plastics technologies that offer substantial economic advantages.

Hear how Dr. Kumar has disrupted the single-use disposable cup industry, as he recounts his personal journey from the lab to the marketplace. Part of the 2014 UW Presidential Entrepreneurial Faculty Fellows Lecture Series presented by C4C, the University of Washington’s Center for Commercialization.

May 2014