UWTV retransmission

UWTV offers its programming for retransmission free of charge upon registration. Just follow these three easy steps:

  1. Review our transmission policies.
  2. Confirm you are in the reception area.
  3. Register with us.

Step 1: Review our transmission policies

  • Maximum and minimum number of hours you can retransmit UWTV
    • The maximum is continuously, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
    • The minimum is at least one continuous four-hour block of programming per week.
  • Recording and time-shifting of programming
    • No recording or time-shifting is allowed. UWTV’s schedule is posted online and in on-screen and printed television guides. Time-shifting would create confusion and would not coordinate with the posted schedules.
  • Your station identification
    • UWTV requires that the transmitted signal be carried as a whole. It is recommended that station breaks occur before and after the transmitted programming blocks.
  • Break-ins for specials or commercials
    • Specials: Stations can break into a UWTV programming block for local specials provided the break occurs before a UWTV program begins or after the completion of a program.
    • Commercials: UWTV is a noncommercial programming service and prohibits the insertion of commercials within programming blocks.
  • Switching to a UWTV block at the correct time while using an automated system
    • UWTV uses the GPS clock system, and you can synchronize your system with it to ensure switching at the correct time.

Step 2: UWTV reception area

UWTV is available across North America by satellite downlink on Intelsat Galaxy 18. We recommend a 1.2M or larger dish capable of receiving a Ku-band digital signal from G-18 as well as a DVB-S2/MPEG-4 compliant receiver.

Step 3: Registration form

Registration with UWTV is required so that we can notify you of important changes to our satellite information. To register, fill out and submit the below form.

Requestor information

Requestor name (required):

Requestor title:

Organization name (required):

Description of organization:

Phone (required):

E-mail (required):

How did you hear about UWTV?

System information

How do you plan to receive the UWTV signal? (Check all that apply):
 Digital Satellite Downlink High-speed Internet
 Other (please specify):

How will your organization distribute the UWTV signal? (Check all that apply):
 Cable TV Broadcast TV Closed Circuit TV Intranet
 Other (please specify):

System used to retransmit signal from your organization, if applicable (Time Warner, AT&T, etc.):

Geographic locations reached (campus, city, county, region, etc.):

Approximate number of viewers:

Channel number(s):

Public information

Please provide contact information that will be made available to the public about your UWTV retransmission.




Web address:

UWTV programming hours

Specify your carriage preference (required):
 24/7 Carriage Block Carriage (minimum of one continuous four-hour block)

Signature and mailing information

Name of person signing agreement (required):

Title of person signing agreement:

Street address (required):

City (required):

State (required):

Postal code (required):

Phone (required):

E-mail (required):

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